Eastland Texas Outdoor Art

Eastland's Outdoor Art Exhibit consists of 41 wonderful pieces of art placed near or on businesses throughout Eastland. Each piece of art includes a story of the painter's life or interesting details about the original piece of art.

A 210 barrel oil-field tank, a few gallons of paint, help from local business, a few art students, and the dreams of an ex-art teacher came to life in Eastland, Texas. Cathi Ball had been planning an outdoor art museum in her sketchbooks for years.

Two years ago, Cathi Ball, ex-art teacher at Eastland High School approached Norman Logan the current art teacher, presenting plans for an outdoor art exhibit. She had her plans, but , needed muscle and man-power for the projects. This is where the EHS art department joined the Eastland Outdoor Art Museum team. The first project began with Chris Ball donating the tank for the project, Dan Elrod gave his time to paint the tank, and Norman Logan designed stencils. The site was provided by Robert Mangum on I-20 just west of the Dairy Queen. The City of Eastland delivered bleachers for the students to stand on and paint. Ricky Herrera lettered the legend, Ken Chapman loaned us scaffolding and the Art II students provided the talent. The site is a tribute to Andy Warhol and “Pop Art”. It is a remarkable 15’ tall and 10’ in diameter. The exact ratio to a standard soup can. There will also be a site for the museum and maps to be added this month.

The idea behind the Art Museum is to offer art history to a small community that has no permanent facility for art education. The elementary school and junior high do not even have art teachers. Each site is attributed to the original artist, offering a brief biography and it’s significance in art history. The majority of the works are 4 x 8’ sign-boards, but some are as large as 8’ x 20’.

Most of the beginning work was done by art students in the art room, Cathi Ball and Norman Logan. Cathi graduated from Tarleton State University in 1996 with a secondary teaching certification in art. She is attending UNT working on her master’s at this time. Norman graduated from Sul Ross State University in l983 with a BA in art and an all-level teaching certificate. They share a love of the arts and want to make art accessible to all by placing educational sites throughout the town. Visual literacy is one of the goals of the museum, educating the public to familiar images in their world.

The Norman Rockwell paintings at the ballpark were mostly student work. Grant Wood’s American Gothic hangs at the Farmers and Merchants Bank. The legend on this work holds the answer to the $l,000,000 question on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”. The first woman to win knew the subjects of the painting. Heaven Sent Floral is the site for Raphael’s famous angels. Texas American Bank is the site for Jasper John’s American flag pop painting. Local attorney Tommy Warford’s building includes a Remmington tribute. Ace Hardware is the spot for a Jackson Pollock work. The painting was completed in the ag department at EHS with guest artist Justin Joyner from Perryton, Texas. The students enjoyed a day of painting demonstrations by Joyner, student of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

The newest trend in the museum paintings has been the participation of local artists and art lovers. Carolyn White, owner of Ace Hardware, American Airline stewardess, and home-maker, painted the Freda Kahlo at Rico’s Mexican Restaurant. She also painted “The Cat in the Hat” book for the library building hanging the work on Dr. Suess’s 100th celebration. Eastland Healthcare’s building now features Whistler’s Mother by local artist Maria Beck. Gary Ford, local carpenter, framed the Nevelson wood sculpture at Higginbotham Bartlett Building Center. Mr. Logan helped with this one also and students helped to place the objects in the framework. The final painting was donated by Joel’s Body Shop. Mr. Logan and the art department has been working with the ag department to cut out a huge metal cow skull to paint in the manner of O’Keefe. The maintenance department has also volunteered their time digging post holes for the supports. Dub Hoffmann, former mayor of Eastland, and his wife Jean painted the Leonardo da Vinci at the Pizza Inn. He is also working on a Norman Rockwell for Greer’s Western Wear. Maria Beck is now working on a ballerina painting by Degas for a dance studio. Van Gogh’s Starry Night was painted by high school student Lauren Huff, and it is hanging on the fence at the Eastland Bed and Breakfast Hotel. Several students and locals worked on a huge Winslow Homer featured at the newspaper office in May 2004 along with Mr. Logan and Mrs. Ball. Carolyn White, Maria Beck, and Darla Smith also worked on the painting.

Future plans include up to 18 more works as requests continue to come in for the sites. Mrs. Ball is currently planning a tribute to Cadillac Ranch by Ant Farm in Amarillo. She has even contacted the original artist to consult on the work. Eddie Rawlinson, Tarrant County College art teacher will be visiting this month to work on Klimt’s “The Kiss” painting with Cathi Ball. The Asian Restaurant wants a huge oriental work on their wall. William Wegman’s dog photos will be another subject to study. Picasso, Monet, Mondrian, Goya, and Fabrege are also in future plans. The entire project should be finished in two years. The works will be maintained by the art club. There is no charge for the museum . All of the boards have been donated and paint from Ace Hardware and Higgeibottham Bartlett sustain the project. A special thanks to the school administration for their support of the students working on the project and the City of Eastland for their help. Donations may be made to the Eastland High School Art Club fund. If you have any questions please contact the Eastland Chamber of Commerce, Eastland High School, Norman Logan or Cathi Ball. It truly is a labor of love and a visually asthetic experience. Maps will be on site beginning this summer, the Chamber of Commerce has them now. Thanks also to them for the incredible support and encouragement.

Drive-through art history in Eastland. It is an educational experience proving that learning can be fun. You won’t forget these lessons you can learn right from your own vehicle and share with your children. It is a totally unique idea.

The museum has been featured in the Eastland Telegram, Abilene Reporter News, Channel 8 by John Pronk, Applause and Acclaim from Buffalo Gap, and the Texas Country Reporter is coming this summer.


Dec 27 , 2005

1. Andy Warhol
EHS Students -Katie Winkler, Leslie Knight, Ashley Smith, Josh Gorley, Zack Weber, Jared Billington, Samantha Gary, Dan Elrod, Brian Elrod, Ken Chapman, Robert Mangum, City of Eastland, Cathi Ball
2. Roy Licktenstein – art students, Mr. Logan, Cathi Ball
3. David Mann – Gary Peak Office
Cathi Ball and Howard Payne students…Kimberly Shipley, Johathon Ceniceros, Greg Nixon, Vincent Ramirez, Kyle Weckerly, Stacy M. Bailey, Andrew Baker, Sho Fukuda, David Lara, Cody Cory, Lacey Herring, Keith Lindsey, Jonathan Snow, Chinesia Rhienhart
4. Norman Rockwell - art 2 kids, Norman Logan, Cathi Ball
5. Grant Wood – Cathi Ball, Norman Logan
6. Raphael – Cathi Ball, Norman Logan
7. Art Deco - Art II, Cathi Ball, Norman Logan
8. Jasper Johns – Cathi Ball , Norman Logan
9. Remmington – Cameron Williamson, Cathi Ball, Norman Logan
10. Pollock – Justin Joyner, Norman Logan, Cathi Ball, Ag Department
11. Kahlo – Carolyn White, (lettering Logan and Ball)
12. Leonardo da Vinci – Pizza Inn – Dub and Jean Hoffman, Logan and Ball Darla Smith
13. The Cat in the Hat – Carolyn White (3-2)
14. Whistler – Maria Beck
15. Van Gogh – Lauren Huff, (lettering – Logan and Ball)
16. Nevelson – Gary Ford, Norman Logan, Cathi Ball, Art students
17. Winslow Homer- Cathi Ball, Darla Smith, Maria Beck,
18. USMC Memorial – Logan and Ball 6/04
19. Rockwell – Hoffmann and Ball
20. O’Keefe – Cathi Ball, Carolyn White finished 8/04
metalwork – Mr. Logan, Art club, Ag
21. Cassat - Ball, Sue Mullinax, Carolyn White ,
22. Degas – Maria Beck – Sue Mullinax 9/04
23. Klimt – Rawlinson and Ball 1004
24. Picasso - Cathi Ball, Justin Joyner, Krystle Ball, Eddy Rawlinson 10/04
25. Kadinsky – Logan and Ball 1/05
26. Nagle – Art Student WHITNEY Truran l/05
27. Rivera – Art Student 3/05
28 Michaelangelo –Lauren Huff 4/05
29. Blake – Gabel White, Carolyn White, Cathi Ball 4/18/05
30. Russell – Horn Energy Logan and Ball and White 5/05
31. 911 – Norman Logan – Government Class 5/05
32. – Randi - Donna’s Cake Shop? 5/05
33. Betsy Ross – Ball and Amy Snyder 6/05
34. Grandma Moses – Dub and Jean Hoffmann, Amy Snyder, Cathi Ball 6/05
35. Barrington – Amy Snyder 6/05 ( side of Tommy Warford building)

Eastland Civic Center

36. Fish –– Jodi Floral just s. of the Connlee Hotel on Main (Whitney Williamson, Cathi Ball, Cathy Sylvester, Carolyn White 6/15/5
37. Neiman – Pacers (just east of the Raphael) Cathi Ball, Cathy Sylvester, Carolyn White 6/15/5
38. Mucha – AF Designs ½ block west of the Russell on Main Mary Ball, Cathi Ball, Amy Snyder 6/15,5
39. Cezane – Eastland Health Care on Sadosa. Cathi Ball, Norman Logan 9-05
40. Hassam - Funeral Home – Norman Logan, Cathi Ball 11-05
41. Caulder – Gary Ford, Norman Logan, Cathi Ball 11-05
42. Currier and Ives – Jim Tilley, Doc Holliday, Chris Thompson, Jessica Edwards, Norman Logan, Cathi Ball

Sedan Kansas Outdoor Art

In 2005, Cathi Ball met local artist in Sedan, Kansas. Terry Ricketts and Debbie Hewlett were anxious to work on some community art projects. Cathi had just finished a community art project in Eastland, Texas. After submitting proposals for local projects to the SEDAC board, the work began. Many local artists worked with Terry and Debbie as they remodeled an old lumberyard into the Kurtis Fine Arts Plaza. The building donated by Bill Kurtis was refurbished and repurposed as an ideal setting for art instruction, art competitions and community events.

Cathi was named Commissioner of the Arts as she worked with others to spread art around the town. The Emmet Kelly Clown Museum is newly remodeled and loving restored by Terry up until his death this past fall of 2009. The posters were painted to spruce up the exterior of the museum in Debbie’s studio art store The Kokopelli.

Sue Kill, Kelsy and John Eakin volunteered to help with the paintings and funding for sites. Thanks also to Pat Jones for her support. Nita Jones helped with every project in many ways to support her town.
Sedan, Kansas

Pawhuska, Oklahoma
A sketch and watercolor of Sally's just before lunch!!

Students work hard!!!
The Parfleche Project – Museum director brings real parfleche from the museum at Wooleroc
Cathi Ball – demonstrates, explains, and shows examples

2011 - The Hatchet Project

Wooleroc is very generous in allowing the museum to bring real objects to show the children what we are making as a project. This year we studied real hatchets then made our own and incorporated a part of our personality or imagination in the work.